ISKF New Brunswick operates from the YMCA dojo, and the instructors are volonteers who do not get remunerated. The only fees that apply to the ISKF is a yearly registration fee of $35.  This fee is used towards the registration of the student into the International Shotokan Karate Federation as well as towards  insurance.  In addition, students must purchase a karate GI (Uniform). Purchases can be done via the club.

In addition, there are fees for grading (belt testing). Grading fees are usually set at $35. This amount may change from time to time depending on clinics and grading instructors.


Our instructors are fully insured and operate under the strict supervision and training of 7th Dan Sensei Tony Tam and 7th Dan Sensei Dany Tam of ISKF Nova Scotia


ISKF New Brunswick
854 Mapleton Rd
Moncton NB, Canada E1C 2K7
(506) 854-8466